LPE Mission

Mission Statement

LPE provides holistic advocacy for both the engineer and EOD communities, for all organizations internal and external to the Marine Corps, through the synchronization of efforts focused on manning, training, and equipping, to optimize capabilities, efficiency and operational effectiveness across the enterprise.


LPE's responsibilities include:

  •  Providing an overarching vision for both the engineer and EOD communities.
  •  Providing support for USMC engineer and EOD concept development.
  •  Exercising oversight of USMC engineer and EOD doctrine development.
  •  Identifying USMC engineer and EOD capabilities necessary to support operational concepts.
  •  Representing USMC engineer and EOD capabilities in the USMC combat development process.
  •  Coordinating USMC EOD support to US Secret service and Department of State.
  •  Representing USMC EOD capabilities and provide the Action Officer for ADC, I&L (LP) to the DOD EOD Program Board.
  • Coordinating Naval engineer issues with the NCF.