Logistics Policy Reserve Branch

Mission Statement

1. Advise the Assistant Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (LP) on Reserve Component logistics matters.

-Synchronize reserve logistics mobilization planning and requirements with stakeholders.

-Facilitate integration of the Marine Corps Reserve into the Total Force.

2. Serve as the advocate for Service RC mobilization logistics policies in order to facilitate the activation of Marine Corps Reserve capabilities for global requirements.

3. Administer Reserve Affairs on behalf of the DC I&L.

-Oversee the Individual Mobilization Augmentation(IMA) program for I&L.

-Manage Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) budget and administration.

Core Focus Areas

Initiatives to improve integration of RC Marines into AC units/HQMC staff sections through mirrored command relationships seek to assist the command and control and increase readiness of IMA Marines. LPR works with M&RA to develop a detailed support concept for IMAs across the Total Force in order to improve, clarify, and standardize command relationships. LPR seeks to improve command functions, and responsibilities associated with IMA personnel administration through billet realignment to various LP branches. The realignment will better integrate RC members into staff actions and improve capabilities. LPR provides oversight to ADOS funding thus ensuring that it is utilized properly through a prioritization matrix.