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Contracts Division (LB)

LB Mission

As one of the two Marine Corps Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), the Deputy Commandant Installations and Logistics, commissioned the Contracts Division (code LB) with the responsibility of functional leadership, policy development and oversight of the Marine Corps Field Contracting System (MCFCS).  LB promotes compliance with statutes, regulations, and acquisition policy by liaising with the Department of the Navy (DON) acquisition chain, standardizing MCFCS procurement processes, conducting oversight reviews on MCFCS acquisition documentation, and executing the DON Procurement Performance Management Assessment Program (PPMAP) for the HCA.  LB maintains the Marine Corps Acquisition Policy & Procedures (MAPP) which contains contracting policy and guidance specific to the MCFCS.  LB advocates for contracting e-Business tools utilized by the MCFCS.

LB Vision

Our vision is to support USMC core values by enhancing and developing the contracting workforce so they can effectively turn To lead a contracting workforce that executes timely, compliant, and sound business arrangements that provide solutions which increase warfighter lethality and readiness, furnish warfighters with desired marketplace capabilities, maintain the public’s trust, and foster an environment that attracts and retains a high-quality workforce. requirements into capabilities through good business decisions and execution of fiduciary responsibilities with honesty and integrity.



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