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Logistics IT (LPI)

Mission Statement

Provide oversight and functional management of USMC Logistics IT and data -compliance, governance, and modernization - in order to meet the needs of the Marine Corps in Joint, Coalition, and expeditionary environments.



  • Develop policy and strategy to manage the Logistics IT Portfolio.
  • Empower logistics data as the foundation of the Logistics IT Strategy for informed decisions.
  • Lead Logistics IT planning for the portfolio.
  • Manage change recommendations through scheduled interactions with the FMF.
  • Minimize system and capability redundancies.
  • Synchronize Logistics IT Portfolio input to PPBE processes.
  • Coordinate Logistics Enterprise Architecture management and support Logistics IT audit readiness.
  • Compliance, governance and modernization


Leadership Message

This logistics information technology strategy frames the U.S. Marine Corps' actions for the future, which are guided by Force Design 2030 requirements and capabilities. The pacing function of these efforts is logistics, and the backbone of logistics is information technology.

Successful use of modern technology requires a union of technology with an organization's people and processes. Achieving this logistics information technology strategy depends on having the right people, equipment, and training to enable a modern information technology portfolio.

The U.S. Marine Corps will succeed at maximizing effectiveness in logistics operations by leveraging data in a viable portfolio of systems. Data is a critical requirement for military operations, especially in the logistics arena. The activities to secure, store, manage, exchange, and analyze data are essential to these operations, especially in the peer competitor operating environment. Data informed decisions will provide a necessary advantage in this operating environment.

The execution of this strategy will require a collective effort that remains adaptive to embracing the best solutions, such as integrated joint and naval advanced analytics that leverage secure cloud capabilities. As we advance the objectives of this strategy, it is important to realize the dynamic nature and pace of change that must continually be addressed. This strategy will guide all of these efforts, to provide a best-in-class logistics information technology portfolio that sustains the force across the globe.

We are pursuing a new era of logistics reinvention and are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, business reengineering, and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and edge computing become pervasive, their combined impact is reshaping standard business operations. The focused digital transformation of the past decade has quickly shifted to a Department of Defense (DoD) wide focus to exponentially exploit this data through these technologies.

The Logistics IT strategy is intended to provide the framework for the Marine Corps Logistics community to ensure that decisions regarding IT capabilities are required to follow an organizational structure in support of future Marine Corps concept of operations. Programs are responsible for delivering the material solutions within the governance and guidance of Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (DC I&L) for new capabilities or modifications to existing capabilities that impact the IT mission. The Governance body is responsible for determining whether these capabilities are aligned to the current mission, functions, and tasks while ensuring that the IT Investments and Sustainment resources are planned and applied correctly to the Portfolio. The ultimate authority for approval of the solutions incorporated into the Logistics IT Portfolio is owned by Assistant Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (Logistics Division).

In executing our strategy, we will continue to follow and enhance policy that will maximize reuse and eliminate redundancies. This supports the Department of the Navy (DON) directive of Operation Cattle Drive for the Functional Area Manager (FAM) to “... take action to identify and terminate redundant IT, while modernizing enduring IT” by “leveraging existing application (and system) rationalization, not creating another process”. This also follows a key objective in the DON’s Capstone Design Concept for Information Superiority” to adopt enterprise IT services that enable the pattern of “create once, use often". As outlined within the Logistics IT strategy, it is vital that we first look to utilize established and accredited capabilities both within the Marine Corps, as well as across the DoD. Leveraging existent capabilities such as Development-Security-Operations (DevSecOps) pipelines, Platforms as a Service (PaaS), systems already established within the portfolio, will allow us to reduce and consolidate capabilities. As we apply this disciplined and governed approach we can gain the cost efficiencies and increase the speed to delivery to our Marines.




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