Engineer and EOD Advocacy Branch (LPE)

Message from the Branch Head

Welcome to the Engineer and EOD Advocacy Branch (LPE) Branch. LPE is tasked to ensure that deployed MAGTFs possess the engineer and EOD capabilities needed to succeed in their missions. LPE serves to support capabilities advocacy integration for the entire engineer and EOD communities. Current plans for the Branch are to build on the vision and direction published in the Engineer and EOD Roadmap and the Advocate Campaign Plan to apply to all elements of the engineer and EOD communities – combat engineers, utilities, heavy equipment, bulk fuel, and EOD Marines. Only by addressing capability and equipment gaps across the engineer and EOD community in a holistic manner can we meet the increasing demands of today’s battle fields and tomorrow’s operations.

The past decade has been especially challenging for the engineer and EOD community. The demands of sustained land operations and the new threats faced in Iraq and Afghanistan were the impetus for major changes in force structure and equipment. The demands of supporting small units operating independently dispersed over large areas, as well as operating large fixed bases, provide insight into the capability requirements needed for future operations identified in the Marine Corps Operating Concepts.

The Marine Corps is in transition, shifting from the land-based focus of the past decade and returning to our expeditionary, maritime roots in support of Expeditionary Force (EF) 21 . In developing capabilities to mitigate the gaps, we must not lose sight of our role as a middle-weight force. We must ensure we’re expeditionary and able to operate from sea-based platforms and support the entire MAGTF across the range of military operations, remaining self-sufficient and structured to support the demands of distributed operations. We are dedicated to ensuring Marine Corps engineer and EOD capabilities are properly aligned and resourced to support the total force. The Marine Corps requires and deserves superior engineer and EOD support – we have provided that in the past and will continue to develop our capability to exceed expectations.


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