LPE-1 Mission

                  LPE-1 Section

Mission Statement

LPE 1 provides advocacy and Occupational Field Sponsorship to the Marine Corps Engineer Community.

Core Focus Areas

  • Occ Field Sponsorship
  • Provide an overarching vision for the USMC engineer community.
  •  Exercising oversight of USMC engineer and EOD doctrine development.
  • Provide subject matter expert (SME) support for USMC engineer concept development.
  • Exercise SME oversight of USMC engineer doctrine development.
  • Identify USMC engineer capabilities necessary to support operational concepts.
  • Represent USMC engineer capabilities in the USMC combat development process.
  • Provide a single service-level voice for USMC engineer matters to agencies internal and external to the Marine Corps.
  • Represent USMC combat engineer capabilities to the DoD unexploded ordnance center of excellence (UXOCOE).
  • Coordinate naval engineer issues with the Naval Construction Force (NCF).


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