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Strategic Mobility Mission

Lines of Effort

Provide Oversight, Policy and Planning for USMC Strategic Mobility Programs.

Core Focus Areas

Advisor to DC I&L and Dir LP on all DoD and USMC Strategic Mobility, FDP&E and Embarkation matters. Advocate for USMC mobility and embarkation readiness and subject matter expert for DoD deployment platforms and processes. Develop, coordinate and synchronize Marine Corps unit move deployment and strategic mobility; policy and procedures; and facilitate joint war-time transportation. Provide guidance while influencing MOS 0430 grade structure, training standardization, officer assignments, officer promotion requirements and progression through the execution of Occupational Field Sponsorship and management. Provide DoD advocacy and Service-level functional oversight for Marine Corps unit-move Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) and Automated Information System (AIS) within the logistics domain portfolio and transportation systems.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • MOS Full Scope Review
  • SSDM Maintenance and Modernization
  • Mobility Capabilities Assessment
  • Joint Deployment and Distribution Assessment Study
  • Comprehensive Materiel Response Plan (CMRP)
  • USMC ITV Policy Development
  • MAGTF Deployment Distribution Policy (MDDP) revision
  • Naval Integration / Warship and platform utilization

Five Marines working together to push a stack of pallets up an aircraft. Marines facing away and marching forward on a ship in the ocean. A handful of Marines standing around some equipment on a ship. A line of men pulling on a rope to get a heavy green box further inside an aircraft.



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