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LPC-3 Logistics

Logistics Training & Education (LPC-3)

Mission Statement

To advocate for logistics training and education, the logistics (04XX) occupational field, and Marine Corps Logistics Civilian Community of Interest (COI).

Core Focus Areas

  • 0402, 0431, 0491 MOS advocacy
  • Training and Education advocacy;
  • Civilian Logistics COI;
  • Ground Logistics Excellence Awards.


LPC-3 Section Head: Vacant

LPC-3 Deputy Section Head: 571-256-7194

MOS Sponsorship

0402 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7194

0431 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7114

0481 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7114

0491 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7114

Civilian Logistics Community of Interest Action Officer: 571-256-7128


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