Major Key Objectives 

Goal 1: Clearer, stronger policies at the Department, including better guidance on how to do small business set-asides and implement an effective “Champion of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program.”

End of Outcome: Rules for reserving work for small businesses are updated – with statutory and regulatory changes when needed to increase consideration of set-asides dollars. Reviews of contract bundling – where a bureau or office consolidates requirements that were previously provided or performed under separate smaller contracts into a single contract that is unlikely to be suitable for award to a small business – are tightened to prevent unjustified bundling. Ensure appropriate mitigation strategies are used to identify alternative options for small businesses where bundling is necessary and justified. Subcontracting plan practices are improved so that contracting officers can properly evaluate proposed small business participation, monitor performance and ensure prime contractors keep their promises to provide work to small business subcontractors. Conduct market research to ensure Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses are given the opportunity to compete and considered when acquisition strategies are developed.

Goal 2: A better trained federal workplace, with stronger certification and training requirements, coupled with a small business recognition program to help agencies reach their goals.

End of Outcome: Workforce training and stronger certification are required for contracting officers, small business professionals, and requirements generators to strengthen the Department’s ability to use contracting authorities in the most effective manner, and to help meet Departmental small business goals. Best practices from the Marine Corps Field Contracting System are shared across the Department, facilitated by the OSBP.

Goal 3: Use technology to publicize matchmaking and outreach events, sources sought announcements, and requests for information. Partner with the contracts directorate to utilize the business intelligence tool to access near real-time procurement data..

End of Outcome: Sources for small businesses are enhanced to identify contracting opportunities and upcoming outreach events. Improved data quality to support user needs for better business intelligence and to prevent data entry errors that hinder the integrity and accuracy of small business contracting information.