Conservation and Planning

                                                         Planning and Conservation




Planning : Ensure Marine Corps installations acquire and develop their land and facilities in an orderly fashion, use existing facilities efficiently, and dispose of unneeded real property in a timely manner.

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Conservation: The primary role of the section is to assure continued USMC access to training lands through management of sensitive natural and cultural resources under USMC stewardship. Training can be destructive to land and its resources. Unless properly managed, USMC lands can become damaged to the point where realistic training can no longer take place. Land is a finite, valuable commodity. USMC use of land must be sustainable so the Marine Corps may use its lands frequently and repeatedly. In addition, the American people have placed intrinsic values on certain natural and cultural resources. These values have been translated into laws requiring the Marine Corps to protect and preserve natural and cultural resources. Failure to comply can lead to judicial, legislative and executive decisions denying the Marine Corps access to land for training. Accordingly, the Conservation Section assists installations and the operating forces in the management of natural and cultural resources to ensure the sustainability of readiness training on USMC land and to ensure compliance with laws governing the protection of sensitive resources.

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