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PCS Advocacy Council

The USMC PCS Advocacy Council is an all-volunteer team of USMC spouses stationed around the globe. Partnered directly with Headquarters Marine Corps, the USMC PCS Advocacy Council facilitates the flow of information regarding PCS-related topics. Our private social media community is committed to providing support to Marine Corps service members and their families. Learn more here.

We support you through your PCS by:

  • Providing official resources
  • Answering PCS questions in real-time
  • Tracking and sharing trends with Headquarters Marine Corps
  • Advocating on behalf of Marine Corps families 


The USMC PCS Advocacy Council understands the challenges associated with executing PCS orders.  After all, we PCS too!

USMC PCS Support Pacific Facebook Group for moves to/from Hawaii and Japan:

USMC PCS Support Facebook Group for all other locations:

Not on social media, but have questions and need support, email us at:


Are you interested in joining the USMC PCS Advocacy Council?  Please click here

The USMC PCS Advocacy Council is a non-federal entity with no official sponsorship or endorsement stated or implied.



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