Logistics COI

Welcome to the Logistics Community of Interest (COI) Website!

The Logistics COI was launched in 2002 to enrich the careers of USMC civilian logisticians. The COI provides a cohort of 5,500 Civilian Marines across 57 occupational series with a forum to discuss issues, share information and best practices, and promote common interests. Whether your expertise is in supply management, maintenance support, deployment/distribution/transportation, or lifecycle logistics, the COI exists for you and your professional development.

This website serves as a central platform to find information about our community and connect our members to each other. Please contact us with questions about our activities and resources.

The Logistics COI identifies and provides opportunities for the Civilian Workforce to enhance and support the mission of the Marine Corps in a joint and modernized environment.

A Logistics COI that promotes and fosters an interoperable Civilian Workforce by providing professional development opportunities, career progression, succession planning, Mentorship, and community forums in support of the Marine Corps.


The Logistics COI Civilian Marine Foundational Skills Training Program is offering training through Lynda.com. Lynda.com is an online learning library where employees have unlimited access to thousands of videos on the latest software tools, creative, productivity, and business skills. Courses are taught by industry experts, are designed for all levels of learners, and are available any time from both desktop or mobile devices. New courses and topics are added every week.

If you would like a Lynda.com account, please send us an email using our contact us link above.

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SES Deline "Dee" R. Reardon

Assistant Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (ADC, I&L)