MISSION:The TLCM process will develop, provide, and maintain effective ground based warfighting capability and inform the requirements process (through identification of capability gaps, requirements generation, acquisition, fielding, sustainment, and disposal of materiel solutions) in order to maximize visibility supportability, availability, accountability, and optimization of mission readiness for the warfighter and all other stakeholders. We will meet mission requirements through use of an integrated value stream with clear aligned roles, responsibilities, and relationships.TLCM GOALS:
  • Ensure unity of effort.
  • Maximize equipment operational availability.
  • Provide visible, trusted, understandable, accessible, interoperable, and responsive data and information for planning, execution, and decision making.
  • Optimize total operating costs for ground weapon systems, equipment and material.
BACKGROUND:The TLCM initiative is governed by an Executive Board (TEB) and the Corporate Board (TCB). The TLCM office works to execute on the requests made by and voted on by the TCB and TEB. The TLCM office also works with seven Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) who all carry representation from each major organization involved in the TLCM effort including, but not limited to Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), PEO Land Systems, Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM), the Capabilities Development Directive (CDD), and the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) office.


“TLCM has increased the communications between all the stakeholders (CD&I, HQMC, MCSC, MCLC, PEO Land Systems and the OpFors). The collaboration effort has allowed us to work more efficiently and identify issues before they became a problem. We still have a lot to clean up, but we have a great team to make that happen.”

- Ms. Kelly Gibson, Assistant Commander, Life Cycle Logistics, MARCORSYSCOM

“We are able to understand our customers and our customers now understand our needs, to be able to support them. This was really a win-win for both of our teams.”

- Mr. Stacy Ruble, Lead, LPD-4 (Second Destination Travel)


Q. What can the TLCM office assist me with?

A. The Total Life Cycle Management office can assist with:
  • raising your issue to the TLCM Corporate Board or Executive Board for action
  • raising your issue to one of the Integrated Project Teams where the issue will be reviewed by subject matter experts from across the Marine Corps
  • if your issue touches policy or current standard operating procedures that are outdated, having it reviewed by the TLCM process may help your project by providing recommendations for future action