Logistics Policy Reserve Branch (LPR)

Message from the Branch Head

Welcome to the LPR website, your access to Reserve Integration efforts for Installation & Logistics. This Branch was established to manage Reserve programs on behalf of the Deputy Commandant, to advocate for Reserve mobilization logistics policy within LP, and to provide subject-matter expertise and support on Reserve specific issues. These efforts enable the continued Total Force focus of I&L.

We are staffed with Active Reserve Marines who have experience and proficiency in Reserve integration. Our team works closely with Marine Forces Reserve and with the other Branches within LP to ensure Reserve interests are included in logistics policy, operations, and advocacy. LPR provides a direct link between PP&O(PL) and I&L(LP) to ensure Reserve logistics mobilization policy established in MCO 3000.19B is executable, exercised, and current.

Our Reserve Programs section administers the IMA program, ensuring Total Force integration of RC capabilities to augment and reinforce I&L. The Reserve Program Manager supervises the resourcing process for drills, ATs, and Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) funding for special projects, as well as managing the distribution of IMA staffing allocations, and supporting the mustering and order writing for IMA Marines.

Please review this website for additional information and current topics. If you are interested in drilling with I&L, please contact our Reserve Program Manager at 703-604-4567.


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