Logistics Plans & Operations Branch (LPO)

Mission Statement

The Deputy Commandant sets service-level logistics policy for Maritime and Geo-Prepositioning programs and serves as the budget sponsor for prepositioning Exercises and Operations and Maintenance, MC (O&MMC) funding requirements. LPO-2 is designated the program office to execute logistics resource management and program budget sponsorship for the Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) and the Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway (MCPP-N).  

Link to the:Prepositioning Programs Handbook_3dEdition_2015.pdf

Core Focus Areas

  • Maintain Prepositioning Objective (PO) for Prepositioning Program (NAVMC 2907)
  • Lead and Conduct Tailoring ISO MPF and MCPP-N programs
  • Maintain Prepositioning Logistics Support Technical Manual for MPF (TM 4790-14/2C)
  • Maintain Prepositioning Logistics Support Technical Manual for MCPP-N (TM 4790-14/1)
  • Conduct annual Ground Equipment Fielding and Integration Workshop (GEFIWS)
  • Maintain MPF Maintenance Cycle (MMC) Resource Forecasting Model (RFM)
  • Establish and maintain service-level budget policy for Prepositioning Programs
  • Develops consolidated POM for the Prepositioning Programs
  • OccFld Sponsorship MOS 8862 Material Management Officer


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