Logistics Plans and Operations Branch(LPO)
Logistics Plans and Operations Branch for the LP page


The Branch is the Deputy Commandant Installation & Logistics Departments’ focal point, through the Director LP Division, for current operations out to 24 months; In addition, the center provides logistics assessments on USMC/Joint Publications & OPlans; Conducts equipment sourcing and redistribution in support of emerging requirements; Serves as the Logistics program manager and budget sponsor for USMC Maritime & Geo-Prepositioning. Acts as the Occupational field sponsor for Strategic Mobility Officers and is the Systems advocate for FDP&E unit move systems.


Discuss ongoing initiatives to improve readiness reporting (i.e. T/E = AAO, etc.).

Equipment Sourcing

SGEWG: Mitigates ground equipment shortfalls for units that emerge quicker than normal acquisition/fielding plan can provide.

202K Build: FY 07/08 equipment issues worked by SGEWG. FY 09/11 acquisition assumes equipment fielding responsibility.

Armoring (MRAP): Current status/fielding plan.


MPS: Provides general information, initiatives and ongoing strategies requiring synchronization to a long-term prepositioning objective tied to MARFOR/MPS strategies.

MCPP-N: Provides general information on the new program.

MAP (MEU Augmentation Program): General information on MAP composition.

R3 (Reset/Retrograde/Redeployment)

Discuss ongoing planning considerations/initiatives for R3.


Where is USMC headed with program?

Continue experimentation/demonstrations; transition planning – legacy to MPF(F); execute Milestone B in FY 10.