LPC Maintenance

Maintenance Policy & Capabilities (LPC-1)

Mission Statement

To develop, maintain, and manage Marine Corps ground maintenance and motor transport operations policies, advocate for existing and emerging maintenance technologies, and provide occupational field sponsorship for Motor Transport and Ground Ordnance Maintenance.

Core Focus Areas

  • 21XX and 35XX MOS advocacy
  • Ground maintenance management policy (field and depot)
  • Advocacy for maintenance automated information systems and recourcing.


LPC-1 Section Head: 571-256-7166

LPC-1 Deputy Section Head: 571- 256-7103

MOS Sponsorship

2102 OccFldSponsor: 571-256-7105

2100 OccFldSpecialist: 571-256-7109

3500 OccFldSponsor: 571-256-7106

352X OccFldSpecialist: 571-256-8926

353X OccFldSpecialist: 571-256-7107


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