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Logistics Policy and Capabilities Branch (LPC)

Message from the Branch Head

Welcome to the Logistics Policy and Capabilities Branch's (LPC) home on the web. Here you will find information regarding our mission, organization, and some of our current initiatives. I hope this website will prove useful to the Marines, Sailors, and Civilian Marines of the logistics enterprise, as well as our MAGTF and industry partners and members of the defense community who are interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it.

We manage a robust portfolio that comprises all elements of ground equipment maintenance, ground supply, motor transportation operations, and Operational Contract Support (OCS). Further, LPC serves as the headquarters advocate for logistics training and education, Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps, and the 04XX, 21XX, 30XX, and 35XX MOSs.

A key aspect of our business often overlooked is our need to respond to frequent questions from internal and external sources regarding Marine Corps ground supply, maintenance, and equipment that are not always tied to our primary mission. Responding to these inquiries requires significant resources in terms of manpower, time, and effort; which we manage along with our primary mission support tasks.

For more information, please refer to our SharePoint sites, or contact us via one of our designated points of contact. We respond to all questions regarding our mission and gladly accept suggestions that help improve our responsiveness and support.


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