OCS Mission Statement: Plan, coordinate, validate, and synchronize mission requirements for contingency contracting force support in the CENTCOM AOR; provide AOR contracting advice to Marine commanders; liaise with and serve as conduits to CENTCOM and to external contracting support agencies; provide command assistance to USMC contracting effort in the AOR in order to implement appropriate acquisition strategies for goods and services in support of exercises and operations.
OCS Officer:

Maj Robin Walther

DSN: 312-651-4145

Comm: 813-827-4145         

   OCS Chief:

GySgt David Griganavicius

DSN: 312-651-4160

Comm: 813-827-4160

For Policies and procedures, existing contract information, vendor lists, and more information consult the CENTCOM OCS SIPR COP at or the NIPR OCS site at Prior to contract award in the AOR, vendors’ force protection status must be verified in JCCS. For detailed operational environment information, visit:, https://www.cia.govlibrary/publications/the-world-factbook, and

Area of Responsibility

The CENTCOM AOR is an area larger than the Continental United States, is comprised of 20 countries, 522 million people, 7 major languages and more than 12 major religions. The CENTCOM AOR is a mature theater with significant Army, Navy, and Air Force contracting capability in place. CENTCOM has designated a Lead Service for Contracting LSC) for both Operation Inherent Resolve (Iraq) and Resolute Support (Afghanistan) as well as a Lead Service for Contracting Coordination (LSCC) for most other countries in the AOR.  Many bases and operating locations within the AOR have a CENTCOM-designated Base Operating Support-Integrator (BOS-I) with responsibility for contracting for common user logistics (CUL) support for tenant units (via Economy Act, Support Agreement, or HCA Delegation).