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OCS Mission Statement: Plan, coordinate, validate, and synchronize mission requirements for contingency contracting force support in the CENTCOM AOR; provide AOR contracting advice to Marine commanders; liaise with and serve as conduits to CENTCOM and to external contracting support agencies; provide command assistance to USMC contracting effort in the AOR in order to implement appropriate acquisition strategies for goods and services in support of exercises and operations.
OCS Officer:

Maj Robin Walther

DSN: 312-651-4145

Comm: 813-827-4145



   OCS Chief:

GySgt David Griganavicius

DSN: 312-651-4160

Comm: 813-827-4160



For Policies and procedures, existing contract information, vendor lists, and more information consult the CENTCOM OCS SIPR COP at http://nonrel.centcom.smil.mil/sites/CCJ4 or the NIPR OCS site at https://www6.centcom.mil/Contracts/Default.aspx. Prior to contract award in the AOR, vendors’ force protection status must be verified in JCCS. For detailed operational environment information, visit: https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/dlafpfuops/ibex/default.aspx, https://www.cia.govlibrary/publications/the-world-factbook, and www.export.gov

Area of Responsibility

The CENTCOM AOR is an area larger than the Continental United States, is comprised of 20 countries, 522 million people, 7 major languages and more than 12 major religions. The CENTCOM AOR is a mature theater with significant Army, Navy, and Air Force contracting capability in place. CENTCOM has designated a Lead Service for Contracting LSC) for both Operation Inherent Resolve (Iraq) and Resolute Support (Afghanistan) as well as a Lead Service for Contracting Coordination (LSCC) for most other countries in the AOR.  Many bases and operating locations within the AOR have a CENTCOM-designated Base Operating Support-Integrator (BOS-I) with responsibility for contracting for common user logistics (CUL) support for tenant units (via Economy Act, Support Agreement, or HCA Delegation).