Logistics Policy and Capabilities Branch (LPC)

Supply Policy & Capabilities (LPC-2)

Mission Statement

To coordinate the development of Marine Corps Ground Supply Policy and Procedural Guidance and Capabilities specific to Class of Supply II, V, VIII and IX in order to sustain Warfighter readiness.

Core Focus Areas

  • 30XX MOS advocacy
  • Coordinate the development, formulation, validation, and update of Marine Corps policy for ground supply and medical logistics;
  • Exercise oversight of supply programs across consumer, intermediate, and wholesale levels to include core capability, partnerships, and requirements;
  • Provide overall guidance on inventory management tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Advocate for Logistics/Health Services automated information systems and resourcing.


LPC-2 Section Head: 571-256-7112

LPC-2 Deputy Section Head: 571-256-7134

MOS Sponsorship

3002 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7112

3010 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7118

3043 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7119

3051 MOS Sponsor: 571-256-7136

Classes of Supply

Class II Action Officer: 571-256-7124

Class VIII Action Officer: 571-256-7115

Class V Action Officer: 571-256-2749

Hazardous Material/Shelf Life Action Officer: 571-256-7136

Small Arms Accountability Action Officer: 571-256-7126

DoDAAC Action Officer: 571-256-7123


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