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Logistics Plans & Operations Branch (LPO)

Strategic Mobility Division (LPO-3)

Mission Statement: 

Provide Oversight, Policy and Planning for USMC Strategic Mobility Programs.

Focus Area:

  • Advisor to DC I&L and Dir LP on all DoD and USMC Strategic Mobility, FDP&E and Embarkation matters.   Advocate for USMC mobility and embarkation readiness and subject matter expert for DoD deployment platforms and processes.
  • Develop, coordinate and synchronize Marine Corps unit move deployment and strategic mobility; policy and procedures; and facilitate joint war-time transportation.
  • Provide guidance while influencing MOS 0430 grade structure, training standardization, officer assignments and officer promotion requirements and progression through the execution of Occupational Field Sponsorship and management.
  • Provide DoD advocacy and Service-level functional oversight for Marine Corps unit-move Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) and Automated Information System (AIS) within the logistics domain portfolio and transportation systems.


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