LPD1 Focus Area

Integrated Materiel Distribution Policy (LPD-1)

Focus Area:

  • Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) infrastructure, strategic, theater, and tactical distribution
  • DoD end to end distribution process improvements
  • Information Systems & Interfaces
  • Packaging/Packing Requirements
  • Freight Movement Contracts (Over Ocean, Air, Surface)
  • MCO 4470.1A – USMC MAGTF Deployment and Distribution Policy (MDDP)
  • MCO 4690.1 – Marine Corps Management Container Policy
  • MCO 4600.41 – Marine Corps Distribution Manual

Transportation and Distribution Operations Advisory Group (T&D OAG):

Serves as T&D OAG Chair.


Five standing Working Groups (DMO, Mobility, Motor-T, ITV, Containers).


2017 T&D OAG Priority Issues:











  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Certification - Mobility WG
  • Motor Transport Driver Age Requirements - Motor Transport WG
  • Motor Transport Structure at the MEF MMCC - Motor Transport WG
  • Transportation Capacity Planning Tool (TCPT) Interoperability - ITV WG
  • SMART Logistics (pRFID CONOPS) - ITV WG
  • Distribution Management Advanced Course (DMAC) - DMO WG
  • P3 Modernization - P3 WG
  • P3 Structure - P3 WG
  • Flatrack Reclassification - Motor Transport WG
  • NLI Billet Exchange Program - DMO WG