Message from the Branch Head

Logistics Distribution Policy Branch is staffed with talented Marines, civilians, and contractors to support the garrison transportation and distribution missions and Operating Forces distribution/mobility requirements. We accomplish these missions by acting as the Service-level advocate for Freight Transportation, Second Destination Transportation, Household Goods Movement, Passenger Travel, Packaging Policies, and related Transportation IT requirements. We are the primary interface with the Joint Distribution Community of Interest, specifically with United States Transportation Command. Additionally, we are the advocates for the 0430, 3052 and31XX MOSs and chair of the Transportation and Distribution Operational Advocacy Group.

Near-term priorities focus on accomplishing Marine Corps Installation and Logistics Road Map (MCILR) assigned tasks, as described below:

1) Addressing Transportation and Distribution Management Training and Education Gaps (MCILR tasks 8, 13 and 20)

2) Naval Logistics Integration (NLI) Billet Exchange Program Proof of Principle (tasks 13 and 20)

3) MAGTF Logistics Integration MEU Distribution Liaison Cells Proof of Principle (tasks 13 and 20)

4) In-Transit Visibility Strategy (tasks 8, 13 and 21)

5) Distribution in support of SPMAGTF, MEUs, and Marine Rotational Forces-Darwin (task 21)

6) Distribution Doctrine (tasks 13 and 20)

Other near-term priorities include the following:

7) Conduct a Personal Property end to end review focusing on customer service and accurate and timely settlement of personally procured moves

8) Prepare HQMC to be audit ready in the Transportation of Things and Household Goods program

9) Re-establish the HQMC Second Destination Transportation Baseline Budget

10) Centralization of Passenger Travel - centrally build accounts

LPD long-term projects are as follows:

1) Pursue a joint venture with Naval Supply Systems Command in leveraging the Personal Property Transportation Audit System

2) Develop an automated Transportation Working Capital Fund Billing Process


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