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Logistics Distribution Policy Branch (LPD)

Mission Statement (cont.)

  • Lines of Effort (LOE) 2018;
  • DOD and Marine Corps integrated distribution advocacy, policy and procedural development
  • Goals:
  • Advocate for the standardization of the MAGTF Deployment Distribution Process (MDDP)
  • Develop USMC ITV Policy
  • Improve JCA 4.1 Tier II CPM/CBA/POM Capability, Gap, and SDD actions
  • Develop requirements to support LOGCOM for Distribution Pipeline performance metrics
  • Develop interim “Receipt and Acceptance” policy and procedures
  • Develop, implement, and assess effectiveness of the HQMC LPD Strategic Communications Plan
  • DOD and Marine Corps Deployment and Distribution AIS and AIT functional advocacy
  • Goals:
  • Implement USMC ITV Strategy
  • Implement CMOS version 7.8
  • Develop integration of distribution warehouse wireless capability
  • Enhance DLC Capabilities (D-CMOS/Mini-desk/Tablets)
  • Transportation financial auditability
  • Transportation Financial Management
  • Goals:
  • Achieve transactional-level financial auditability for end-to-end deployment and distribution business events
  • Achieve automated transactional-level obligations for TWCF requirements
  • DoD and Marine Corps personal property and passenger transportation functional advocacy, policy, and procedural development
  • Goals:
  • Develop, implement, and assess the 2018 HHG Peak Season events modernization
  • Optimize transition to GSA SmartPay 3
  • Advocate pilot for GTCC for AMC travel
  • Analyze Okinawa admin weight limits for M&RA and MCIPAC decisions
  • Develop, implement, and assess the effectiveness of the Personal Property Transportation Strategic Communications Plan
  • Develop, implement, and assess the effectiveness of the Passenger Transportation Strategic Communications Plan
  • Deployment and Distribution Innovation
  • Goals:
  • Complete CBA Centralization proof of principle
  • Complete MCJROTC travel proof of principle
  • Develop CONUS HHG Asset Visibility proof of principle
  • P-3 business process automation
  • Complete staffing for pRFID CONOPS
  • Perform IMD (cargo movement) security analysis
  • Develop Distribution Community of Interest
  • Goals:
  • Improve training and education standardization for the distribution community
  • Enhance civilian workforce through standardized training and education


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