Logistics Distribution Policy Branch (LPD)

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The FACTS website is hosted by the Navy FACTS Program Management Office. The website provides shippers to create an account, learn the FACTS processing, and provides an alternative way to submit shipping documentation when our primary shipping system is down.

If a shipment requires movement via military air, the dmo should utilize the electronic air clearance process via the facts website: https://mzc.csd.disa.mil/facts

SDDC's Electronic Transportation Acquisition website is a portal for DoD shippers to request accounts, submit shipping documentation, research information and trace shipments. ETA hosts a boatload of DoD transportation/distribution/ITV systems for shippers, carriers and customers offering Freight, Passenger , Personal Property and Systems information, processes and shipping documentation.

The DMOS can submit an electronic request using the global freight management system, which can be accessed via the sddc eta website: https://eta.sddc.army.mil

For ocean shipments, dmos can submit export traffic release requests (etrr) using the integrated booking system (ibs) via the sddc eta website: https://eta.sddc.army.mil


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