Logistics Plans, Policies and Strategic Mobility – South Branch (LPS)

LPS Initiatives

1. Structure Effort

LPS Branch is coordinating the LCE portion of the Marine Corps Force 2025 structure initiative. The 2025 future force will be organized to anticipate operational imperatives and improve efficiency in meeting increased demand for ready and relevant forces across the range of military operations. This new force will be able to operate in five domains, leverage Information Warfare, and conduct 21st Century Combined Arms. This effort is currently being implemented and the LCE portion is expected to conclude in 2021. To complete a total force assessment for 2025 the reserve component will be reviewed as part of the Reserve Component Force 2025 this summer.

2. POM-21 Marine Corp Capabilities Based Assessment (MC CBA)

The MC CBA is an integrated enterprise process through which the Marine Corps enterprise conducts capabilities analysis, gap analysis, solutions analysis, and risk analysis for the operating forces, supporting establishment, and Headquarters Marine Corps. In support of this year-long effort, LPS Branch is currently coordinating and integrating I&L inputs to the Gap and Solutions Analysis Phases of the MC CBA process. Approved I&L capability requirements and outputs from Marine Corps Force 2025 will inform the Marine Corps Capabilities Investment Plan and ultimately the Marine Corps Enterprise Integration Plan (MCEIP). The MCEIP represents the principal planning document for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process and upon publication, is transitioned to Marine Corps Force developers and programmers for implementation.


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