Logistics Plans, Policy, and Strategic Mobility Division (LP)

Mission Statement

The Assistant Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (LP), under the direction of DC I&L, is responsible for formulating Marine Corps logistics plans, policies, and concepts, exercising staff supervision over joint and Marine Corps logistics matters, logistics manpower matters, logistics analysis, mobility, lift requirements, sustainability productivity, material readiness, logistics information systems, security assistance, fiscal matters for appropriate division sponsored programs, and coordinating the logistics aspects of prepositioning programs.

The seven branches within Logistics Plans, Policies, and Strategic Mobility Division (LP) work in concert with other agencies and organizations to ensure the Marine Corps possesses the Expeditionary Logistics capabilities – the people, along with the equipment, processes, policies, and training they require - to succeed as the Nation’s Expeditionary Force-in-Readiness.

Thus LP's scope of concern is enterprise-wide and Service-deep. Among LP's responsibilities are Enterprise Ground Equipment Management (EGEM); maintenance, supply and distribution policy development and review; Logistics Information Technology Portfolio Management (Log IT PfM); Logistics Combat Element (LCE) organization; Naval and MAGTF Logistics Integration (NLI/MLI); Logistics Science and Technology (S&T) initiatives; and logistics planning in support of current and contingency operations.

With the Marine Corps Installations and Logistics Roadmap (MCILR) and the Deputy Commandant's priorities as a guide, LP shepherds the Marine Corps Logistics Advocacy process. Through this Advocacy construct, we collaboratively identify capability gaps and solutions to ensure the Marine Corps is able to fulfill its operational responsibilities as envisioned by EF21.


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