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Logistics Organizational Analysis (LX)

                           Welcome to LX!


Serve as the Analytic Clearinghouse for the Deputy Commandant of Installations and Logistics

                         Mission Statement

Logistics Operations Analysis Division (LX) serves as the Deputy Commandant for Installations & Logistics’ primary advocate for studies and analyses. To that end, LX is responsible for the identification, development, prioritization, performance, and integration of installations and logistics operations analysis through a number of research avenues including the Marine Corps Studies System (MCSS), the Naval Postgraduate School Thesis Research Working Group (TRWG), Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (e.g. Center for Naval Analyses, RAND Corp), University Affiliated Research Centers (e.g. Penn State Applied Research Lab, Naval Postgraduate School, Marine Corps University etc.), and others. Tools used include, but are not limited to: data analysis, statistical methods, optimization, and modeling & simulation. In addition to directing the management of analyses conducted externally, LX also conducts limited, in-house studies and analyses including quick-turn and general analytic supportto I&L divisions and commands and performs duties as the Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) agent for Installations and Logistics models.

                          Strategic Vision

LX will be the Marine Corps logistics analysis leader and recognized as an authoritative peer among analytic experts throughout the DoD. LX will scope, prioritize, induct, govern, and integrate logistics operations and analyses to align such work with the strategic vision and operational needs of DC I&L. This requires LX to constantly evolve its analytic capabilities in order to remain relevant, leveraging current software, hardware, education, industry best practices, and means of communicating and reporting.