Installations and Logistics


Installations and Logistics

Excellence in Logistics

Logistics Systems and Technologies Integration Section (LPV-2)

  LPV-2 Focus Areas/Initiatives

Expeditionary Logistics Wargaming – LPV-2 plans, coordinates and conducts an annual logistics wargame – currently preparing ExLog Wargame VIII – providing a forum to evaluate and demonstrate emerging technologies and improved processes in support of the warfighter. Wargame outcomes are used to inform logistics capabilities development and integration.

Management of DC I&L logistics information technology portfolio- The management of selected groupings of IT investments using strategic planning, architectures, and outcome-based performance measures to achieve a mission capability.

Automated Identification Technology- Responsible for Overarching Logisitcs Policy
• Provides AIT SME to the various LP Branches,
   TRANSCOM, DLA, and other Services.
• Advocates and supports the development of the AIT 
  Marine Corps Program Code.
• Conduit between MCICOM and MARCORSYSCOM for   the
   migration of active Radio Frequency Identification
   (aRFID) into the Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology
   System (MCEITS).

C2 (Command and Control) for logistics strategy implementation and lead (OAG) – Closing gaps in Marine Corps C2 for Logistics capabilities remains a critical focus and will continue to increase commanders’ capability to understand and fully leverage his or her logistics assets for optimum operational effect.


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